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How to build a swimming pool

Before you consider building a swimming pool Read this article Building your own swimming pool and the costs

Try to find out what type of subsoil you have underneath your garden or building before you begin excavating. The UK has one of the most diverse subsoil in the world, so what is beneath your feet in Bristol when excavating a swimming pool is completely different to what is under a lawn in Cardiff or Gloucester.

A swimming pool can be almost  any shape and colour you like

However liner pools have less leeway in design and are more restrictive in the structure than concrete pools, unless you use “on-site lining

But are more economical to build and can be installed as:

Concrete swimming pools are at the high end of design.

Very expensive building costs and take a long time to construct because of waiting and curing times of the structure

Enclosures for swimming pools
What is a water table

This is the level where underground ground water (Water table) can fluctuate considerably, depending upon environmental conditions like seasonal wetness, drought even tidal changes.

You sometimes see disused quarry's There’s one at the National Diving & Activity Centre. in Chepstow) that's part filled with water and that is the water table level for that location,

Employing labour to help build your swimming pool

If you are employing outside labour to build and you are overseeing the pool build project, then  we suggest you employ the services of a pool builder to advise you on everything from the location, the methods of construction, what pitfalls to look out for, the plumbing system, advice on surrounds and landscaping through to commissioning your swimming pool.

All the above 5 options come with instruction manuals and DVDs

For more help and information on building your own pool on a budget (read our blog).