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Know more about buying a property and buildings that come with a disused pool  

Moving to a new home with a swimming pool? Seek advice before you buy. Find out if the pool is sound...

You have a disused swimming pool? Learn what to do to to get it running again.

To renovate a swimming pool or not? What other options are? Wet leisure

Rainwater harvesting and have your very own water supply Droughts and hosepipe bans could be a thing of the past with an underground water storage tank.  

Understanding more about swimming pool repairs and maintenance

Swimming pool liner repairs. It’s too old to repair so is there no alternative but to replaced it?

Swimming pool leaks If you suspect there’s a leak, discover the things you could do to find the problem.

10 tips on maintenance for your swimming pool. A clean sparkling pool ready for BBQ's occasions & parties.

Renovate your swimming pool.

Renovating your swimming pool? Changing linings, replace tiles, stone coping, paving, exchange or repair pool pumps,

Refurbishing your swimming pool More often aged leaking pool pipes are sometimes too old to repair, so the pipe lines are replaced.

How a pool builder installs a swimming pool.

How do you build a swimming pool? Learn the stages of constructing a swimming pool? Installing a new swimming pool liner. Self build, part DIY, or professional pool builder to install? Swimming pool enclosures. Read this article about the weather with a pool enclosure.

FAQ on Swimming Pools Spas & Hot Tubs

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