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Swimming Pool Leaks

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Swimming pool leaking? We use American leak detection equipment all over the UK from Hereford, Worcester to London Cardiff  & Gloucester Essex & Kent to Bristol & Bath

My swimming pool is leaking what should I do, Help!

One thing that upsets owners the most is discovering that their swimming pool is losing water. Finding where swimming pools leak from and stopping the water loss is not an east task. Leak detection finds where the water loss is in the shell or circulation system and remedies are put forward on the best way to deal with the leaks.

Apart from losing water which bumps up the water bill, it is also losing valuable heat and chemicals from the water loss. Some leaks which maybe hidden, could be causing damage to the pool foundations the base and possibly nearby buildings.

Early detection & repair of a leaking swimming pool will save money and possible further problems.

What causes the water to leak from a swimming pool?

Leak detection - Is a process of elimination

A step by step approach to finding where the leak is in swimming pools:

Other areas to check for leaks

Losing water:

Where your swimming pool is located and the Geology of the area.

Soil movement. Some construction has been known to take place over old infill sites, disused mines and even sink holes suddenly appearing. heave can be caused by the removal of certain types of tree or many trees all at once, especially if they were growing in clay soils. All these can affect the stability of the ground a structure is built on

In an area like London where there is clay and Hampshire where you’ve chalk subsoil the soil movements are quite different from a property located in say Hereford “Red” colour subsoil to stone The Cotswold's or areas for example that have mostly grey limestone like beneath Swansea.

On a further geological note the UK has the most diverse subsoil in the world i.e. chalk in Kent and Sussex to the limestone in Cardiff, Oxford or Gloucestershire; granite in Cornwall and Devon.

Does your swimming pool just need a  , a new liner or of a full renovation?

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