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Natural Swimming Pools.

Natural pools are alternative to using chemical or salt-water chlorinators

They are designed so that you have a separate swimming area whereby the water is pumped in to a regeneration zone that cleans, filters and regenerates the water back to the pool without the need for chemicals

Swimming is one best form of exercise and what better way to swim than in a natural volume of water.

If you have a natural swimming pool but it’s supplied by mains water,

Why not top up the water by using rainwater harvesting instead?

A storage tank full of rainwater used for a natural swimming pool is an ideal natural option to feed your pool and that will save you money.in the long run. No more high water bills and hosepipe bans to worry  you

For more information on this method for harvesting free rainwater which can be for almost any other uses including Greenhouses The home (filtered) Toilets • Gardening • Lawns (Vegetables & plants love rainwater superior to tap water) Call or, Email us for more information now .

Natures clear un-contaminated water is kinder to the environment and kinder to the swimmer as well

A natural swimming pool (NSP) can be a new build or an existing pool converted. They offer lower construction, running and maintenance costs

Natural swimming pools

Natural swimming pool (image from Certikin)

Natural swimming pools Natures alternative to using chlorine in a swimming Convert existing or new pools London Worcester Berkshire UK Swansea Wales and Taunton

Natural Swimming Pools installed throughout the UK - From Brecon to Hereford and Gloucester across to Cheltenham Oxford around London's M25 to Kent and Essex

Natural swimming pools

Use liners to contain the pool water all liners for natural swimming pools can be obtained from us and we use a very tough lining material that is welded on-site

A natural pool does not use chemicals. The water is naturally regenerated, mechanical filtered and pumped back to the swimming pool.

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