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The electric pump is the heart of your swimming pool

Circulating your pool water so small particles and debris are filtered out after travelling through a filter and returned to the pool. After a while the filter begins to block up with particles and debris that were pumped from the pool. The pump struggles and the circulation is not working efficiently, so the filter has to be “backwashed and rinsed

The pump also helps chemicals to evenly dispersed throughout the pool ensuring that your water is safe, sparkling and inviting. The power used to run a pool pump can be anything from 500 watts to 2,000 watts of electricity depending on the model and size of your swimming pool

Some pool owners may let their pumps run for about 4 hours per day during winter (If you are not using the pool) and depending on how much you do use your pool and the bathing load up too 24 hours a day during summer. To save money on electricity bills some pool owners use and electric timer to run their pump for between 6 hours and 12 hours in summer but again care should be taken on how hot the weather is and the amount of times you and others swimmers use your pool. There are other makes available including: STARITE • Hayward • ITT

If your pool pump stops working this can lead to the water treatment chemicals not being distributed allowing water stagnation turning it cloudy and green which is not safe to swim and any body of water not treated filtered and circulating is not healthy especially in warmer weather and more so if people swim in the pool

We supply pumps to all areas including Cardiff and the surrounding areas Over the Severn Bridge towards Bristol and Weston super Mare Back up along the M5 motorway towards Gloucester and Cheltenham.

We can deliver swimming pool pumps to Hereford and Worcester back through Abergavenny Usk and Monmouth

Pool pumps fitted or supplied Pumps repaired or new - Pump models & makes - Espa Certikin Badu Hayward Plastica  

Fitted pumps for swimming pools and hot tubs - Repair or replacement - Models include Hayward Certikin Espa Plastica ITT UK Cardiff Bristol Gloucester Raglan Hereford

Replacement pool pumps

If a pump is non-repairable we have plenty of pumps available for you to choose from Pump fitting available