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Repair pipes or replacing valves.

Close-at-hand to Gloucester Monmouth and Newport Oxford

Valves in the plant room can become stiff to turn, stuck, or you can’t turn them at all, and may be broken?

We don’t normally repair them, as further down the timeline of a repair the odds are on that it may break or leak again, so you’re throwing good money after bad again repairing.

Swimming Pool Repairs

Oxford Bristol Cheltenham Gloucester Bath London UK

Pools Repaired and Refurbishments

Cracked pool shells, replacing or old liners pump, leaking valves, cracked multi-ports and filters that leak - Stone coping repairs , replace decking, renew old liner-lock, repair or replace old pip es, damaged covers replaced, paving repair, renovations.

Defects in the walls or floors that perhaps need repairing? Liners leaking?

Tiled or rendered, check the walls for cracks, even small cracks can lead to substantial lose of water if not repaired. Check liners for losing H20.

Apart from servicing locally in Monmouth and Gloucester regions, we cover a wide area of the UK including London Swindon Reading Cardiff Surrey Kent and Bristol.

We are experts in the field of renovating replacement liners.

Faulty pool pumps skimmers pipes liners tiles repaired New coping, covering Gloucester Oxford and London - Repairing damaged swimming pools around Bristol Bath Swindon Reading.

Defects to Roman end steps

Step’s deteriorate in several ways. The defects are either cracking, delaminating or black algae has managed to get into the fabric of the steps and it can not be repaired or removed. Sometimes the Roman end could be repaired using an on-site vinyl liner to the step’s or more drastic action if it can’t be fixed would be to cut out and replaced or the opening is built across and blocked off leaving the pool without steps to walk into.

This filtration system looks worst for wear after it has gone through various past repairs

My swimming pool is damaged. Help! It needs to be repaired as it’s losing water!

Defects in the liner, cracked tiles leaking pipes? What to look for:

Cracked rendering, mosaics, tiles,, holes or tears in the liner, marks & puddles. If you suspect it is losing water but don’t know where from, then look for wet floors in the plant room; it could be damaged equipment that’s losing. Look outside in areas around the pool and grounds for patches of grass that look greener, mushy & squelching areas when walking on the grass and puddles.that never use to be there. It can be previously fix. Once the leak is found we can repair it.

Pumps replaced

Repairs can take the form of a blocked impeller which has dead leaves stopping it turning to a broken seal that lets water in, or the pumps motor capacitor fails and needs replacing. Other items such as the shaft of the motor has rusted through or the windings in the pumps motor has failed and it may mean you need a new one rather than fixes. It can be a waste of time and money repairing as they have planned obsolescence built in to them.

Sometimes if the pump is not sucking through to the filter It can be something as simple as repairing the seal around the lid not correctly position or tightened or the couplings to the suction side, again isn’t tight enough to prevent air passing and entering the pump so it is losing suction.. So no repair needed. However if the problem persists fill in the this short form and we’ll reply asap. We’re local to Gloucester and Bristol  Oxford, Monmouth and Newport UK

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Osprey offer a swimming pool repairs and refurbishments service for Swansea, Gloucester, Bristol, & Cardiff - Repairing shell structures and converting them to liner pools - tiles & render - replacement coping, pipe work repairs, pumps & valves renewed replacement liners - Oxford, London, Kent and Essex UK

Most places in England and Wales are covered including Oxford Taunton Cardiff Hereford London UK Email for liner replacements.

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