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Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting tanks for gardens greenhouses for hotels factories homes Underground storage systems UK Gloucester Hereford Cheltenham Cardiff Bristol London

Underground water storage systems for hotels gardeners factories homes Rainwater harvesting tanks for greenhouses toilets hotels UK Hereford Gloucester Cheltenham Cardiff London Bristol and Raglan

Harvest your rainwater, don’t let it pour down the drains

Save yourself money on water bills?

Saving that free rainwater for yourself will help you do 3 things

No need to dig deep holes, fully installed rainwater harvesting system

Flat Tank 5000 litre underground rainwater harvesting system includes a 5000 litre underground tank, garden filter kit, Hydroforce Series 3 pump and needed to deliver clean rainwater to a garden tap. Great for topping up swimming pool and watering your garden

Underground water storage systems

Installed complete for use as a domestic household or garden rain water harvesting system. This complete system features the “Rainwater Back Up in a Box auto-mains back-up”.The graphic image above shows the main components of the rainwater system and a typical layout for a simple domestic and garden application. The item marked with a * all new Rain Backup in a Box®.

Rain water is the ideal substitute for tap water and what's more it’s free.

Used for home and garden

Rainwater harvesting tank video

This is a video on the blue shallow-dig tank This shows how much less earth needs to be removed than a cylindrical plastic tank or a concrete cistern. The video has a menu with 6 sections available. Beat the constant worry of droughts and hosepipe bans, cut your mains water bills and save lots of money and make your house and garden more sustainable.and self sufficient

The harvesting storage system

Rainwater harvesting tanks

If you are having a new swimming pool constructed or a renovation have a rainwater harvesting tank installed at the same time. You will save you money on the installation because the plant is already there so it’s just a matter of materials the tank and the expertise to install the system

System storage containers underground to supply water for

Hotels lawns gardens factories and homes in the UK from Hereford Gloucester to London Kent and Essex using Harvested rainwater in tanks to distribute to greenhouses toilets for watering vegetable plots  covering most areas of the England Wales and Scotland Cheltenham Cardiff Bristol and Raglan