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Liner swimming pools supplied or installed in UK London Bristol Kent Gloucester Direct from manufacturer. Covering UK  Cardiff  Cheltenham Cotswold & Oxford

Building an in-ground swimming pool

We have plenty of experience over the years building swimming pools, so we know a thing or two about the different types of installations.

Offering you expert help and advice on choosing  right design for you and suggest locations. Advice on different types of heating, and can advise you on hard and soft landscaping the best type of finish,and will make sure you get the right product that’s suitable for you.

The cost depends on many elements for example: a wooden pool kit is the most economical to start with..

Local to Monmouth Wales and parts of the Southern regions of England including Dorset Bournmouth up to Gloucester Salisbury Bristol, Reading, Oxford and Winchester Even as far as Essex and travel over the Thames to Kent and back to London

Are you fitting the panels and swimming pool lining?

Include the following before fitting.

Wooden and in-ground pool kits supplied, installed in UK regions of  Gloucester Hereford Oxford London. We are local to Bristol Chepstow Monmouth Usk and Abergavenny

DIY swimming pools?

Concrete block and liner pool construction

  1. The advantages is this method is stronger and more permanent, much more robust and it’s straight forward to build.
  2. There are no issues to mention

Wooden pool kits DIY or installed

Panel pools

Good points about panel pool system is  less materials used the panel type of construction.

Bad points: The panel system is not as strong or stable as concrete block structure, and they are prone to movement if not installed correctly.

Liner Pools Installed | Panel and Concrete Block Construction

There are 3 main methods of installation.

Concrete block and liner construction

Swimming pools built with panels - Monmouth Newport Gloucester London Bristol Oxford or block-work & liner construction - Hereford Cheltenham Stroud Reading Usk. Read our blog

An above ground swimming poolLiner swimming poolIndoor pool
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An above ground pool

Liner pool

Indoor swimming pool

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