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*Vinyl pool liners supplied under the UK product warranty conditions. Subject to the swimming pools condition working, circulation, liner measurement, and any repairs needed. **Subject to sizes and shape. | ***Subject to site condition

Replacement Pool Liners

Made to measure liner prices available:

Call or send us an email with the dimensions.

Leaking swimming pools.

Replaced damaged linings.

Concrete swimming pool conversion to a liner pool.

Liner installations Made to measure. We cover most regions including Bristol Bath Cardiff Oxford Monmouth, Carmarthen West and Mid Wales, Chepstow, Newport, and Swansea, Gloucester, Oxford, Taunton, Cirencester, up to Hereford, Malvern, Worcester, Cowbridge, Bridgend, Kent Essex London  Guildford Surrey, Hertfordshire, Hampshire.  .

For a precise estimate call 01600 861 851 or email us for replacement swimming pool liner or on-site vinyl lining for in ground and above ground swimming pools

Pool liners for UK. Concrete tiled conversion to a liner pool.Bath Bristol Cardiff Devon Gloucester Hereford Newport Somerset Stroud Swansea Worcester England Wales

Liner costs and prices for installations available here. We cover most areas from Monmouth, Carmarthen to Mid Wales, Chepstow, Newport, Cardiff and Swansea, Gloucester across to Bristol, Bath, Oxford, Taunton, Cirencester, Swindon up to Malvern, Hereford and Worcester, across the south east to Hampshire, London, Kent, Essex, Guildford, Surrey.

Pool liner installed
Before After

 The before and after of another hopper shaped liner installed near Bristol, South West England. New coping stones on this pool makes it look brand new again.

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In Monmouthshire filling a 16' x 32' swimming pool with water after the liner was installed

A hopper shaped lining installed and filling in Monmouthshire South East Wales. The swimming pool surrounding is having a complete make over.

Swimming pool liner installation Concrete pool liner conversion

Underlay fitted on tiled walls and floor ready for the lining which is installed using wall mounted retainers. Gloucestershire

Swimming pool looks like new again after a new liner is installed Old leaking liners remioved and replaced with a new lining

These two pools had their leaking liners replaced (Newport area South Wales)

Liner installed in the Thornbury area near to Bristol

 A flat bottom liner installed and filling in Oxfordshire

About leaks

Finding the leak

Replacing your lining


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