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Restoring your swimming pool.

We cover most of Wales and England around the UK, as far as the Brecon Beacons, travelling down the road into Leominster and Ledbury Worcester across to Stroud and the Spa town of Bath along the M4 to London around the M25 to Surry Kent and Essex. If It is a liner pool perhaps you just need is a new replacement pool liner.

Renovating or replacing pool equipment & fittings

Pool renovations - Covering Wales Cardiff Swansea Bristol Gloucester Cotswold's Stroud Bath Leominster Ledbury Brecon and many more places in the UK - Renovated to the highest standard

Swimming Pool Renovations

Repairs have been made on your swimming pool but it still needs improvements

As pool engineers we understand there will come a day when small repairs are not enough and it’s time to go for a complete renovation. So if you think its time to begin refurbishing contact us here.

If you need to begin a renovation on your swimming pool, call us on 01600 861851 We travel all over the South East and West of the UK From Wales to Gloucester Bristol London Essex Surry and Kent

Backfilling or converting your swimming pool

The choices below should give you some idea and help you make a decision on whether to repair only, renovate the pool or even consider backfilling it.

  1. Have your swimming pool renovated and looking brand new again.
  2. Existing shell is beyond renovation consider building a new one within the existing structure or build a new one in another location
  3. Choose  to backfill your it and change it to a flower bed or put decking across incase one day you or the next owner of your house decides to want the pool back
  4. Have the it converted to a pond.
Before After
Pool cover fitted

New automatic cover fitted to a pool renovation

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Pool repairs and renovations

Before and after liner pool renovation

Swimming pool in need of a renovation

A swimming pool somewhere in Oxfordshire ready for renovation

Pool renovated and filling soon to be ready for swimming

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