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Swimming Pool Surveys

A basic pool survey to go with your home buyers report.

A survey may discover observable defects and give recommendations for possible further investigations and suggestions for repairs  renovations and costs if any are needed

A swimming pool surveyed before you buy your new property may save you money in the long run than to find out after you have purchased the home without a survey to find that there are defects that need addressing.and adds additional costs that you haven't budgeted for!

Placing an offer in on a house that has a swimming pool

Nobody wants to spend out any more on a house purchase than we have too, but is it worth the risk to know that the pool is or isn’t in reasonable sound condition? Where you may have to pay out thousands of pounds later on, for major repairs or faults you were not aware of when you bought the property.

It’s also a good idea to look over the swimming pool yourself as this can give you some idea of its condition. However a trained eye may show up problems with the swimming pool which you may not pick up on.

The Property Information form helps the buyer as it contains a number of questions concerning the property. In the questionnaire, the seller is expected to provide information about all the aspects of the home such as where the boundaries are, any continued neighbour disputes, building alterations, planning control.and local authority permissions.

The world of house selling is guided by this important rule ‘caveat emptor’ or ‘let the buyer beware’.

This means the onus is on the house buyer to find out as much about the property as possible.

This is why a property survey is one of the vital elements in the home buying process.

So a surveyor can only find out a limited amount of information about a property and the buyer must rely on the honesty and integrity of the seller.to disclose any problems about the home known to them.

The same is to be said about swimming pools. There is again as with the home buyers survey a limited amount of information that a pool condition report can reveal but a good surveyor should be able to identify most tell tale problems and defects that are visible to the eye..

If the pool is leaking or there are problems known to the seller then there is an obligation to declare these by the seller in the TA6 sellers form.

A surveyor cannot assess a pool if a swimming pool has any leaks at the time of inspection as this test has the potential to be tampered with. We will however advise if we believe further investigations are needed in the report.

The survey would be purely observational and objective this means there will be no operating of any switch or mechanical gear (especially the on/off switch, valves, heating and multiport)  related to any part of the property or swimming pool by us. Also we do not move objects or contents or remove secured items or electrical fitting to gain access. This is a visual inspection of the swimming pool only

However should the vendor or a responsible authorised person(s) wish to operate the pool system on the day of inspection this would be entirely the sellers decision. The buyer should possibly ask the vendors if the swimming pool will be operational and all covers and accessories removed or rolled back by the seller for the surveyor to observe the filtration and swimming pool on the day of inspection.

This survey is a snapshot of the swimming pool on the day and time of inspection.  

Surveys for Swimming Pools UK Cardiff Gloucester London Inspecting before you buy your property Bristol Bath Oxford Reporting conditions for damage or defects Insurance claims England Wales

Swimming Pool Surveys for Oxford Bristol Cardiff UK Pool inspections before making an offer in Bath Gloucester London Condition reports for defects and damage Insurance claims Wales & England

On offer is a basic report which is an initial visual inspection of the swimming pool before you buy the property with detailed options on how to proceed with any problems found or if indeed any renovations that may be required. It is not a “leak” inspection as you have to rely on the honesty of the property seller to inform the property buyer if they are aware of any loss of water from the swimming pool. (See further below)

We then can suggest reputable contractors if required. Or we can repair or refurbish the pool for you with estimated costs broken down into understandable bite size bullet point presentation.

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